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We want you to get the best results you have ever taken, regardless of your equipment and experience.

  • No more being unhappy with your results
  • No more frustration and disappointment with your shots
  • No more uncertainty on workflow or equipment.
What is COAP Online?

You’re going to ace it every time you pick up your camera.

You are going to start getting the best out of your kit, understand how to approach different shoots, learn different techniques and gain new insights into aviation photography and workflow and hear how Rich Cooper does things to achieve those goals.

This is the learning and educational side of COAP Online…. Welcome to LOCKED ON.

This is where you will be fully engaged in the ultimate acceleration for your aviation photography results. A personal and collective journey of development and refinement.

This is where be where Rich will be teaching everything he knows from a 25-year career as a professional aviation photographer in every detail, step-by-step, with special guest brought in along the way.

You are going to become the most confident photographer you have ever been, with images that you are proud of, getting the best out of your kit and enjoying new developments in this exciting, active and creative pursuit.

This is the complete LOCKED ON experience.

Across all of this will be levels for those just starting out…. to taking it further…. to turning pro… and will take you on that journey from start to finish.

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It’s delivered in two ways…

Firstly: Tutorials
Regular, short and sharp ‘Top 5’ tips and tutorials delivered as part of your membership, delivered into COAP TV.

We’ve all trawled YouTube and web pages and watched a gazillion photography tutorials… but there are precious few that actually hit our very special genre…

And, if they do cover aviation, they are not necessarily from guys that have been there and done that and brought the t-shirt. And the patch. And the keychain. And the stickers.

These LOCKED ON tutorials will get straight to the point, with no fluff and boring stuff, and be easy to digest no matter what the topic is.

They will be delivered in bite size chunks, just few focussed minutes at a time, that will give you things to think about & discuss and will further your aviation photography across a myriad of subjects.

Secondly: Workshops, Bootcamps & Courses
We are offering the chance for you to become the best photographer you have ever been to achieve the results you have always wanted. You can go even further and deeper that you thought possible…

You will be able to up your game at your pace with our online Workshops.

You will be able to accelerate your skills by joining a learning community and engage live with me on my Bootcamps that will tackle specifically identified topics, all live and in-person. Think of topics like “How to Shoot Your Best Airshow”… “Night Shoots Demystified”… “Image Editing Specials”…

And that’s not all! There will be a chance to totally transform your photography and results with a flagship a series of SUPER in-depth online educational courses.

These high ticket courses will be only open for enrolment at set times of the year and for limited spaces at a time. They will be brimming with amazing modules (think air-to-air, operational, night, people, reportage, post-processing masterclasses…) the absolute air supremacy of aviation photography courses.

Virtually Everything Aviation

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