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A closed, members only community, operated in a non-confrontational, educational, respectful, productive, entertaining way to enjoy the hobby and the pursuit of aviation.

Social Media can be such a toxic, time-wasting place, we’ve all seen some horror stories in Facebook Groups over the years. Indeed, it’s actually put some people off the hobby entirely.

It makes you wonder, what’s the point sometimes. Why post an image if you’re scared of the reaction?

Why belong to something where you only get noticed if you’re the top dog? Where’s the fun in it all? What’s the purpose? There is none.

And then there’s something that we’re all guilty of. All that time wasting… Pointlessly scrolling for something to get your teeth into, time that is so precious and just goes too quickly nowadays.

But imagine if social media actually worked…

Where all that time you spent flicking through was not a waste of time, but actually served you in improving your aviation photography?

Where there was a great, fun, engaging content on a regular basis that formed community, identity, belonging and it actually became enjoyable!

What if it also had a place of open, helpful, friendly critique sessions to improve your work? No egos and no judgment. Welcome to The Merge…

What is COAP Online?

This is a closed, members only Facebook Group that you get access to when you sign up. It’s where it all comes together. It’s the first purposeful, active community dedicated to aviation photographers.

If you want more from your social media experience, this is the place for you.

If you want stuff to get your teeth into, this is for you.

If you want regular content that’s actually useful for your end goals, and for it to be an enjoyable place of community and engagement, you’re in the right place. Not a place for egos, quarrels or endless, pointless posting.

The Merge will feature Live Q&As, critique sessions, competitions, plus on location videos and behind the scenes work and previews of COAP Online members-only content as well as open opportunities for your own member engagement.

It will also include short video tutorials on aviation photography and Adobe Lightroom tutorials from within the LOCKED ON section of COAP TV.

You’ll get a secret link when you sign up to COAP Online and then you enter The Merge from there.

Of course, not everyone is on social media and that’s ok too. There’ll be a regular round-up of what’s been happening and what’s been released in The Merge come through to your e-mail inbox.

Brief, Shoot, Edit, Repeat…

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